May 10, 2024
    About half the apples trees have been pruned. 
    This is due to the early warmth, causing bud break.
    The apple bloom is at about half right now. 
    The blueberries are at about
    10% bloom.  It might be an early season.  Overall
    the blueberry crop looks great.  Looks like a
    good apple crop, just not the bumper crop
    like last year.   It is what it is as they say.

    Looking for part-time summer workers, if you know
    of anyone looking for outdoor work.  We work only
    weekdays and until 2:00 p.m. See more information

    Part-time summer employment
Employment applications (click on the link at the right
     Where to find our fruit & empl. application)  thank you.
     We have two different positions.  One is for a weed whipper
     and pruner (must be 16 years or older) The other position
     is for a picker/packager 15 years or older or
     (13/14 years with parent permission).

Farm Information:

When you get to the farm follow parking information then head to the white barn and
       please enter in the designated area  and do not cut though the flags.  Thank you. 
       See below for more information. 

   * Parking information: Please follow the signs when you get to the farm. 
       We need everyone to park with their headlights to flags/pennants. This allows us to get more cars in the
        parking area. If you have someone who is needs assistance getting closer to the orchard, please call ahead
        and we will try and make some arrangements.  thank you.


     * Containers are provided for picking and taking your fruit home, (no charge), so please leave
       your containers at home. 

        Apples: We have picking baskets and we send home your apples in bags.  Thank you.

: All of our picking pails are sanitized after every use.  We send the fruit home in new/ brown boxes
        or pint containers.  (Please know that all of the pint containers are made from recycled products and
        can be recycled again as well as the brown boxes.  

   * We allow children of  any age including strollers and wagons. (Children Policy:  
        We just ask that they be supervised and that they stay with you at all times. Please no running, ground is uneven
        and we don't want anyone to get hurt.  For more detailed information see the fruit pages.

     * No Dogs and no smoking (e-cigs or other) of any kind at the farm.  Thank you.
     *Picking requirements:
        Apples:  There is a half peck minimum to pick in the apple orchard.

        Blueberries: There is a 2 pint minimum to pick in the fields. This includes anyone just coming to take pictures. 
        (applies to Blueberry picking only)

     * Field Etiquette:
        Apples:  Please be respectful of others while out in the orchard.  Thank you.
        Blueberries:  We allow everyone to pick where they want to, so find a nice area to pick in.  Please be
        respectful of others while out in the field.  Please do not cut through the bushes, please go to the ends of
        the rows to move around.  








  Cash, Check or Credit/Debit cards accepted
(Please note a 3%    fee is charged back to customer)
Aerial video
 of our Farm

Apples currently available and ready for picking:




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