Update: October 26, 2022 

      We are closed for the 2022 season.
      We know it was a short year, but mother nature does what she does.  Hopefully, we will have a
      super blueberry and apple crop next year.  Thank you to everyone who continues to support the small
      farmer, we really appreciate all of our customers.  If you get a chance, check out my Google page, "
      I posted a really nice picture of the maple trees in the back of the orchard. 

       We hope to see everyone next year. Thank you!
       Carol and Dan Whitcomb


      *Please note, we are traditional apple orchard, we do not have wagon
      rides or other activities.  The activity is picking apples with your family
      and friends.  Trying out apples you never tried before.  We let you pick
      apples directly from the trees and taste them, because we want you to
      pick what you like.

      *There is no separate fee for going into the orchard, you pay for the
       apples that you pick.  There is however a 1/2 peck minimum to go
       into the orchard. 

      (Sold Out) Frozen blueberries (vacuum sealed in 6 pint bags) 2022 crop.

  Farm Information: 

Containers are provided for picking and taking your fruit home,
  (no charge), thank you.

  No Dogs, unless assistance dogs.  Certificate is necessary.  thank you.

Children Policy:  We allow all children, including strollers and wagons.  We
  just ask that they be supervised, for more information see the fruit pages.

  Parking information.: Please follow the signs when you get to the farm. 
   We need everyone to park with headlights to flags(only) this way we can get
   more cars in the parking area. 


Farmers Market information:
   Princeton Farmers Market - May - October




  Cash, Check or Credit/Debit cards accepted
(Please note a 3%    fee is charged back to customer)




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