Update/Status:  September 14, 2019

Apple Orchard now open weekends only - 9 - 4 p.m. 
Apple information and prices will be posted on the apple page. We have fresh apple cider available.

We are a traditional orchard.  You pick the apples directly from the trees.  We do not have entertainment and we do not charge a separate fee to pick in our orchard.  You only pay for the apples that you pick (min 1/2 peck(5#) to pick in orchard).  We want you to try the apples in the orchard and pick what you like.

Please note: not  all apples are ready when we open, please check the list of    current apples available each week.  (Currently picking:  State Fair, Beacon, Zestar, Honey Crisp, Harlson and Chestnut)
A gentle reminder for parents coming with children to the farm to pick.  Please make sure that you are supervising your children and that they are near you at all times.   We love to see families here, but ask that you watch them.  Thank you.

 *****Information about the farm*****
 We are a small family farm and we have been growing blueberries, apples and raspberries for 32 years.  See our story on the (History link)  We have been selling our fruit off the farm and at the local farmers market for 31 years.  If you don't have a chance to get to the farm, we have our fruit at the Princeton Farmers Market on Saturday.

Bees/natural pollinator information:  We were part of a University of Minnesota Natural Pollinator
study in 2015 and it turns out that our farm has one of the largest natural bee/pollinator populations.


  Cash, Check or Credit/Debit cards accepted